Dealing with Grief



2 Samuel 19:1-18

Loss is like a freight-train that hits us unexpectedly — then continues to drag us around the tracks for miles to come.

When we lose a loved one, relationship, or even a job, it can seem impossible to step free from the despair.

It’s healthy to grieve. But, sometimes we can be so overwhelmed by our own feelings we pour out our discouragement to everyone around us.

David does this in 2 Samuel 19. His son Absalom, who led an opposing army, died in battle. The victory that day went to God and to David’s men, but David was unable to celebrate or congratulate his troops because of his distress over the loss of his son.

How David felt was completely understandable. However, he didn’t realize his feelings were setting a tone of sorrow for everyone he led. His army and his people were negatively impacted by his overwhelming grief. It was not until David’s friend Joab called him out for his lack of concern over his nation that David was able to see past the pain of his loss.

David didn’t just “get over it,” but he chose to look around and continue living and leading in spite of his grief.

We can mourn our loss while still moving forward.

Like David, we can choose to not let discouragement and despair have a stranglehold in our lives. We can mourn a loss while still moving forward and living out the life God has for us.

How do we do that? When we intentionally look for things to be grateful for, grief begins to lose it’s grip. Even when it feels like everything’s falling apart, we can still be thankful for Jesus who meets us in our grief and comfort us through it. In Jesus, we can have joy and hope even in our grief (1 Thessalonians 4:13).

  • What is a loss you are struggling to heal from? Who can ask to pray for you?
  • Read 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. How can you give thanks in your current circumstances?

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